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The Northern Echo Publication
“Meet the Boss”


WHEN it comes to life experiences, Lana Briton has seen more than most.
From growing up in Ukraine, studying and working in Russia, and then eventually ending up in Durham, she is now helping others to benefit from as many different cultures as she has.
So, with the help of a group of other experienced teachers, Lana founded and became managing director at Most Education.
The non-profit organisation, which was established in 2009, creates school partnerships between students and teachers from the North-East and around the world.
The students, mostly from China, Russia and Germany, stay with English families during their visit and English students from the North-East undertake exchange visits in those countries, again staying with families and experiencing life at overseas schools.
“People thought I was stupid and they told me nobody would want to touch this hot potato with humans.
“I am proud that it has gone from strength to strength.”
Lana is quick to point out the endless benefits of students leaving their parents and taking a trip overseas.
“If a child goes on a foreign exchange trip, they lose their status and they are out of their comfort zone.
“When you take English children to Moscow or St Petersburg, it is life changing– it opens the box for them – they fall in love with either Russian hospitality or the hardworking culture of the Chinese.”

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