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"Bridging West and East”

The World Youth Exchange “Bridging West and East” has become a unique annual celebration for youth collaboration and a window to the outside world for many local youngsters.
The Residential World Youth Exchange Project is the only one of its kind in the UK.
In the context of the project, the young people involved took responsibility for many aspects of the programme such as being involved in sports activities, learning about different cultures, customs, peer mentoring and delivering a Youth Manifesto, which they created during their workshops and activities.
The World Youth Exchange fostered mutual understanding between young people from different countries; this inevitably will lead to lifelong international friendship amongst many of the young participants.
Roberta Blackman-Woods, Member of Parliament for Durham City, and Councillor Mike Dixon, Vice-Chairman of Durham County Council, endorsed and supported a community youth project from Most Education, which brought international recognition to Durham City and put it on the world stage of youth collaboration.
They attended the project and met 80 participants from across the globe where they discussed the outcomes of young people’s experiences.