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Education in England

You can study at schools and colleges with excellent reputation, with rich heritage history & traditions!

We find a school for your individual needs and finances!

We find a school with a minimum or no foreign students, so you will be staying in a 100% English environment.

We shall take all the guardian’s responsibilities and care for you whilst you study in England.

24 hour emergency contact number will be provided.

You can study and live with your individual private teacher and their families!

  • We can provide individual one-to-one language teaching in the teacher’s home.
  • All of our teachers are qualified and experienced native speakers.
  • You can be school, university students or adults needing English for your studies and business.
  • All teachers’ homes are of a high standard and you will have a comfortable private bedroom.
  • All teachers’ homes have Internet access and Wi-Fi.
  • You will have an excellent cultural programme visiting famous places in the UK.
  • 24 hour emergency contact number is provided.

Corporate Business English

  • Designed for people working in a business environment or studying a business-related subject
  • Each lesson is of 60 minutes
  • End-of-course certificate on the last day of your course
  • Each Course will provide an excellent selection of activities:
  • English castles & history of England / Victorian towns & lifestyle
  • English Coasts; English pubs
  • Shopping ; museums & galleries / night life
  • London & Edinburgh (optional)

Internet Live lessons

Take English lessons by Skypewith a native-English teacher from England!

English lessons on Skype are a very interactive way to learn English. You will be amazed to see how the technology can help you get private lessons with an English teacher as if he was in your living room.

Please contact us for more details.